OVEЯGAP Manifesto

We wish to create space on the internet which the Body of Christ can call its own. We are working hard to make sure this space is clearly demarcated from the outside world. But no need to worry - we are not trying to create some new e-church. It's impossible to create something which has been in existence for over 2000 years (see Matthew 16:18)! Yet, we miss closeness and interaction with other siblings in Christ, and not just on the internet. That's why we came up with this project of social network called OVEЯGAP because we believe it can help us to stick back together. We are really curious how many of us live nearby each other and don't even know it! How are you? Where do you meet up? What do you do in your free time? Is it possible to meet with you or support you in any way? We strive to create an environment where the church can open up, yet the system contains useful tools which ensure its content is under the control of the church and protected against trolls.

The creators of OVEЯGAP aspire to make you feel as secure as possible. We are quite aware of the fact that many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are suffering for their faith all over the world. Edified by the mistakes of other, we decided we will NOT collect your personal data for business purposes. Your sensitive data will be used only by as and in such way as to not compromise your privacy. We will not pass on any data to any subject that could possibly abuse them. We will not give your enemies even more power over you. For this and other reasons we keep our servers at safe locations (certainly not in the USA).

We are very unhappy with today's trend caused by overuse of so called social networks. One of the side effects of too much time spent "socializing" through digital media is in fact vacating of the usual community places such as parks, pubs or streets. But online socializing can hardly satisfy that empty feeling inside. Our main goal is to use OVEЯGAP to unite the church and strengthen it so that it gets up and take over the parks, pubs and streets! Let's fill them up with happy voices and songs of happy people who follow the Lamb wherever it goes.

Why should OVEЯGAP be successful where many others already failed? We believe that if most of its users are brothers and sisters in Christ, most of them will in fact behave as brothers and sisters. We hope that OVEЯGAP will motivate its users to be more responsible for the content and also the form of what they want to share with the community, resulting in less content being put out to shock, and more of it being shared in the spirit of understanding, motivation, belonging and love. We are all His stars! We may all be different, but each of us share the love for, and of Him. Love which should be leading us away from empty chat to an actual help for those who need it in any form. We believe this connection with His Body will ultimately drive us out to share the love with those who have never tasted it. Let's be the voice calling "prepare ye the way of the Lord!"

Yes, we're talking about creating our own social bubble, but it's purpose isn't to isolate you from the real world outside. Quite on the contrary - it's supposed to motivate you and give you tools to get out and change the world! Let's inspire each other! And if the number of users of OVEЯGAP decreases considerably simply because most of its users will be on the streets healing the sick and casting out demons, that would be the ultimate goal.

Yet we really don't believe that OVEЯGAP will end up forgotten and empty because internet is a great tool for business. Let's do business together! Is your church getting new sound system and needs to sell the old one? Let's find a new home for it on Gяand Bazaaя! Are you a music producer or do you own publishing house putting forth Christian-friendly music or books? Get your own e-shop on OVEЯGAP. We want to provide you with tools which will help you to either donate or sell things which are needed or are beneficial for the body of Christ in your proximity. The service fee we'll charge you when assisting you with a sale will be returned to the community by supporting interesting project. Exciting, isn't it?

The age of OVEЯGAP has just began and you can be part of it. Don't be shy, enter in.


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